June 2014

Unforgiving Denigration

“The trouble with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.” -Norman Vincent Peale. Why Denigration Hurts? Undoubtedly, yes, and (perhaps) it is unavoidable too. We all are perfectly imperfect. Aren’t we? Why to talk about others, even we are (often) quite sure about our own inadequacies.However,The challenge is in acknowledging the reality. Definitely tough, when it comes from others. By and large, we do not take criticism well. We won’t listen to criticism because we believe all criticism to be unjustified. We ... Read More

Tumbling from the Edge of the Space…!

Not Yet!  It is too early to offer grieving ceremonials to the legendary people function: Human Resources. (We are in early June…Extended summer days…Tender coal-tar and parched weeds on the cracked corner pavement…It’s stuffy and sultry…Stretching on my chair…Meditative on my own thoughts about my longwinded professional journey…) Why we have a penchant for building justifications for the inexplicable questions in our life – that too as an ‘after-thought’? Providentially, for last three decades, I thrived as a successful Human Resource Practitioner. At the outset (as luck would have it), all ... Read More