A very Happy New Year ….!

Wishing You A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017. Your success and happiness lies in you Life never stops giving us chances to achieve what we long for;the duty is ours to make the most use of the opportunity. With Personal Warm Regards, Bhagwat Yagnik Founder & CEO Yagnik Consulting Group ​Leading Transformative Change…!​ www.bhagwatYagnik.com babayagnik@gmail.com +91-9810899919/+91-124-4288476 Follow Me:@babayagnik/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+ Cheers to the new year…!   ... Read More

The Uncompromisable Leadership Obligations

“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious” ~ John Scully Last week at Udaipur, the cloudy grey morning with unbroken pelting of rain, confided me (providentially to a picturesque lake-side log-hut) from my otherwise intended second round of leadership intervention for a client organization. The accidental day off and solitary caging led me to think about apparent leadership compromises in one of my client organizations. Over the past few consulting years, I have observed the agonising disintegration in the quality of leadership courage in several Indian ... Read More

An Enabler Can Save Your Startup Crash…!

Let us be grateful to the mirror for revealing to us our appearance only. -Samuel Butler   Enabler! Can save a Startup crash? Yes, I believe so! I also believe that there are too many disproportionately puffed-up noises around Startups. Ultimately, it is an innovative, potentially fast scalable, and geographically unconfined business model. Irrespective of the kerfuffle crafted around Startups, like every other business, success of a Startup too whirls around people. People are the only eternal competitive edge (initially and even after the massive scale-up) for the Startups or ... Read More