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Consulting Solutions – Next Orbit

Consulting Solutions

We specialize in leading transformative change and designing agile organizational architecture. We assist organizations to stay responsive to fast changing business realities and help them evolve to take rapid, strategic and informed decisions.

Organizational Architecture

Cultural Transformation

Talent Management


Leadership Coaching

Family Succession

Merger & Acquisition

Excellence in HR



Redefining competitive advantage and harnessing competencies and capabilities for future.

Organization Architecture is all about redefining and empowering an organization to make right business choices by fostering differentiative strategic advantage to remain ahead of the growth curve.

♣ Evolving Vision, Mission, Objectives, Goals, and Values.
♣ Recalibrating Business strategy for future.
♣ A clearly expressed Apex Team accountabilities to drive business growth.
♣ Evolving a right organization structure.
♣ Ensuring that each critical role has clarity on key deliverables, measurable accountabilities, and established transparent review mechanism.
♣ Developing a shared purpose across the organization.
♣ Nurturing excellence in performance and respect for governance.
♣ Well defined and documented role obligations of corporate team and functional verticals.
♣ Eliminating redundant hierarchies and layers to optimise a lean and result driven organization.

We ensure institutionalization of the transformed enterprise.



Culture is the real differentiator between respectable and average organizations.

Many enterprises are impressively good at managing growth and functional complexities, but actually quite compromised at building a responsive organisation. Surprisingly, all attempts to implement such change initiatives do not even come closer to the desired logical conclusion. In our practice, we focus on enabling anticipated changes to overcome cultural dysfunctionalities and building an enduring value for the enterprise.  In today’s business environment the demand for change is exceptional. Every organization knows that the change needs to happen, but they don’t really know how to go about delivering it. The available time for mandatory action is ruthlessly packed down.  Where do you start? Whom do you involve? How do you see it through to the end?

♣ We partner with our clients to Identify cultural dysfunctionalities and inherent limitations in the organization to focus upon developing excelling culture.
♣ Culture that hinders long-term financial strength is common and ripens effortlessly, even in the enterprises having judicious and mature people. We enable clients to overcome power silos and infuse collaborative work practices. We facilitate desired cultural transformation by having intense small group sessions.



We trust people are Profitability.

Insufficiency of the right managerial strength within the organisation and lack of potential talent available at execution level are two most important growth blocks for every organization across geographies. One of the most essential questions facing the business, though, is what kind of leadership talent necessitated to navigate the intricate changing business landscape. We work with our clients to augment their talent pipeline as a potential differentiator at the market place. We assist our clients in formulating and institutionalizing expected talent management strategy.

♣ Analysing and identifying the requisite talent pool based on current and future business plans. Auditing existing team potential to identify level of competencies existing within the organization, at each critical position/level.
♣ Identify and assess current talent gaps.
♣ Creating an inventory of existent talent pool. Designing a leadership succession and development plans.
♣ Identifying and recruiting right talent from outside the organization
♣ Proposing framework for actively retaining talent and creating processes to transfer knowledge.
♣ Aligning performance management and reward strategies.




Leadership is all about impact, influence and inspiration.


Coaching is an art of experienced reflection upon human behaviour in the backdrop of work, organization, and life. We believe that coaching is foreknowing personal and business concerns, facilitating multiple alternatives, mirroring alongside for complex challenges, and adding value to a leader’s personal and professional potential.

♣ We act as the most reflective mirror to an individual.
♣ In our role as a Leadership Coach, we strive to increase the deeper self-awareness of the client to create a meaningful change in his behaviour.  We enable a leader in unleashing his true potential.
♣ We enable an individual in becoming transparently clear about what he really wants in life. Help him discern what’s holding him back from achieving his life vision. Take programmed steps to achieve his professional life goals by supporting him and also keeping him answerable for his progress.



For a family business, transition is a delicate decision.


One reason so many enterprises ignore succession planning is that it can be uncomfortable. Running a family business is always personal. Splitting emotions from the business is not an easy task. Family business decisions are often prejudiced by feelings about and responsibilities toward family involved in the business. At times, company interest is compromised to delight the family members. The interplay between the continuities of past experience and the need for change lie at the heart of the family business. The process of navigating family succession plans is critical to the longevity of any business and quite frankly, it is an inevitable process that should not be done from a reactionary stance. It requires highly inclusive farsighted outlook.

♣ At Next Orbit, we assist you in entire transition process to make it most acceptable process to all the stockholders.
♣ We coach all stakeholders to be mentally and emotionally prepared to go through the entire complex process from clearly defining succession goals, to developing a transition plan and a post-transition strategy.
♣ Succession planning is the process of pinpointing key needs for leadership and intellectual talent throughout the organization and preparing individuals for present and future work responsibilities.



Why most M&A deals fail: Contemptible cultural integration


While some M&A deals turn out to be successful, it is no surprise that most do fail. The obvious factors leading to failure include people and cultural integration. At Next Orbit, We help you develop a comprehensive road map for people and cultural integration.

♣ We take complete responsibility of people processes and cultural due diligence to highlight possible human capital and process multiplicity risks.
♣ We prepare Acquiring client to be vigilant about the possible process pitfalls.
♣ We assist in designing a well unified integration program.
♣ We study and propose an appropriate organization structure of the merged entity including detailing of various roles and responsibilities.
♣ We enable clients realize maximum value from merger by identifying right people & system synergies and establishing cultural compatibility.



Dealing with your most valued assets

We engage with our client organization’s HR team to maximize the functional efficiency and enhancing their productive partnering in the business. We also assist HR team to design and institutionalize programs, policies, and processes which cultivate a culture of excellence where teamwork, accountability, quality, and rewards are fundamental. At Next Orbit, we amiably nudge your HR professionals to challenge status quo by redefining and evolving HR function into a highly dependable business partner.

♣ We enable your HR function to change from passive indolent transactional outlook to proactive agile transformational outlook.
♣ Enable HR to drive strategic people initiatives while improving the functional responsiveness.
♣ Sharpening subject matter expertise such as:
Talent Acquisition/Talent Development/Performance Management/Engagement/Succession Planning/Compensation & Benefit program/Leadership Development.
• We educate our client organization in evolving futuristic HR models.