Why A Goliath Turns Me-Too?

In business, growth does not happen by just hoping for it. Growth is an incremental process and it rarely happens overnight. For every enterprise growth takes time and prodigious efforts. Yet, many greatly admired signature companies with enduring growth stories unexpectedly slow down and spew a rumble of speculations around “things not being right” inside their Golden Citadel. Why large companies inevitably stumble and dissimulate against ostensible growth blocks? Why an unstoppable company fails to ripple further and remains nakedly blind to its inflection point? Why some successful companies get ... Read More

A Promoter’s Dilema : MSME Special!

Prologue: Transforming organization might appear to be an overwhelming responsibility for a business owner, but that is because the outlook of majority of  entrepreneurs toward transformation is flawed. For transformation to be effective and enduring, promoters must  learn to first change themselves. My recommendation to entrepreneurs is to first unobtrusively introspect and engage in self transformation. This is one thing they have in complete control and can change it fastest.   If you desire to transform your organization, start with yourself first…   Personal transformation is all about learning to change our own ... Read More

Self-Aggrandizers: Wake-Up!

“Enlightenment is ego’s ultimate disappointment.”  – Chogyam Trungpa The corporate corridors are chockfull of Self-aggrandizers. The self-absorbed professionals, menacingly proclaiming their own exaggerated importance, power, or reputation. They evaluate their prominence by the immensity and pull of their fiefdom. Their ego surreptitiously entraps them tightly. Even brilliant professionals, unknowingly reach to a stage where they stop listening to any inputs. They strongly and only believe in their own views.They severely suffer from a ghoulish “I-Me-Mine” syndrome. The unappealing manifested symptoms of such distorted tendencies are so obvious and all around ... Read More

Invoke Planet Pluto!

I love metaphors! A metaphor enigmatically whispers a connection. For me, Pluto is an apt allegory for Transformation.   Astrologically, Pluto is associated with renewal and rebirth. Pluto conveys releasing of dormant power. Pluto is planet of expiration and resurgence…redeeming our own existence and emerging out as much resilient being. It represents endings and new beginnings, as well as transcendental growth and reawakening.   Traditionally, many dynamic entrepreneurs have set the golden path for the “entrepreneurial upsurge” in our country. Unquestionably, today the same “entrepreneurial spirit” is being acknowledged as ... Read More