A Promoter’s Dilema : MSME Special!

Prologue: Transforming organization might appear to be an overwhelming responsibility for a business owner, but that is because the outlook of majority of  entrepreneurs toward transformation is flawed. For transformation to be effective and enduring, promoters must  learn to first change themselves. My recommendation to entrepreneurs is to first unobtrusively introspect and engage in self transformation. This is one thing they have in complete control and can change it fastest.   If you desire to transform your organization, start with yourself first…   Personal transformation is all about learning to change our own ... Read More


“Neither shall you allege the example of the many as an excuse for doing wrong.” (God /Exodus 23:2) My younger son is a third year medical student. During his last vacation with us, when we were witnessing the eye-catching twilight hues of an amazing sunset over the Swan river with refreshing mango margaritas in Perth, Australia, he earnestly shared with me about few unique physical deformities he had observed during his various hospital rounds. An attention-grabbing topic for sure, but at a very unfitting time and location. However, his child-like ... Read More