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It is hard to be just! – Next Orbit


For any functional leader ‘being objective’ is a leading differentiator.


Regrettably, this quality is utterly defunct in majority of functional leaders. You can be “objective” only when you are beyond any personal prejudices, slanted reactions, inflexible creeds, and convenient interpretations. Very similar to the portrayal of a ‘Sthitpragyna’- an individual who is gifted with unwavering mental stability…An individual whose judgements are outside of his own predispositions.

Objectivity breeds trust and loyalty in the team. It brings predictability in the system.

I am not talking about “neutrality”, but about the “fairness”.

Standing for truth in a given circumstances.

It calls for sacrifice. It calls for quality of courage.

Sadly, at workplace, leaders use objectivity as an “expedient opportunity” without realization that how destructive this attitude is to morale fabric of the team. Objectivity is selectively dilapidated by majority of professionals to manipulate emotions of their team members. However, people see through such gimmicks. Subordinates are customarily quick in observing inconsistencies. Therefore, wisdom lies in being fair all the time. A leader must learn to play his role with gratitude.

In the corporate world, very conveniently, policy and procedures are tweaked for selective purposes. Expediently fit-in different rules for different people. Interpretations are altered for suitability and favours…Dependability is bargained for discriminatory benefits…Backward rationalizations are preserved for the rainy day.

Do you think such leaders will ever earn credibility?

The answer is big ‘NO’.

Every individual is born with a deep sense of objectivity and a strong aspiration to fight whatever is treated as dishonorably.

I often suggest to the senior leadership teams in my client organizations:

Stop capitalizing your intelligence for manipulating people. It is more like staging a stripped theatrics…a display of immature ostrich mind-set.

Today, having quality of courage to stand for objectivity is perhaps imperative to the leadership role… people find it worthy of reverence and emulation.

I know, being just is hard. But it can be achieved by expending your life-energies more resolutely.

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  • Quite insightful to those in leadership roles and also those who run instituitions. Objectvity is candidly and boldly stated in unequivocal terms.. As has always been , Yagnik sir’s article nudges people to rethink on thier current conduct

  • Great. Only highly evolved leaders who transcend selfish ulterior personal goals fit this standard. First of all organizations and the promoters should rise to the occasion. When ‘Vision & Mission’ statements become ornamental to decorate the reception hall, then things will not shape up. Vision and mission should spring naturally from the depths of the promoters heart. You will agree that many owners make some linguistic expert to write such statements. Fairness in all aspects is one such deeply felt internal value that manifests in all day-to-day activities. I am delighted to read such a meaningful writing of yours Sir. Regards. A. Srinivasan

    • Well said Srini!
      “A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.” –Douglas MacArthur

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